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NoMercy story

Post by Admin on Thu Nov 24, 2011 9:35 pm

Who we are?
We are an international group of friendly players who met in the past on various servers, and share same clan vision. We are well organized clan, basing on the team play game style at both - pve and pvp.

Our experience in game
Core clan members plays lineage2 from early chronicles. We were present at many private and some retail servers. Few of us already tried GoD at Russian official.

Our goals
Build a strong clan with ability to fully take part in all of game aspects and conquer one of the castles.

We are old school clan so we exp, raid and died together!

Requirements for new members
Experience in game, English knowledge, presence in Mumble, commitment to the clan development, polite behaviour (we have ladies in clan).

List of the private servers you were able to meet some of us: Aria, Cerberus, EPI, Nephilim, Refused, l2Evolution, L2Destiny, l2Paradise, L2Chocolate, L2inc.

Voice communicator - we use Mumble 1.2.3 and we have 6 national rooms: english, greek, italian, spanish, portuguesse, polish. Clan chat - only English language is allowed.

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