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Only leaders of a level two or higher clan without a clan hall can obtain one. Clan halls are available in the town of Dion (C Grade), the towns of Gludio, Gludin, and Schuttgart (B Grade), and the towns of Giran, Aden, Goddard, and Rune (A Grade). The six clan halls in the town of Aden also give clan leaders the ability to ride a Wyvern.

Each hall has been given its own name; for instance, the first house in Gludin Village has the name Gludin Crystal Hall.

Buying Clan Halls

Clan leaders can only bid on one clan hall in an auction. When a clan leader places a bid on a clan hall, the bid amount of adena is taken from the clan's warehouse. Bids must be higher than the previous bid. Clan leaders cannot bid more than the amount of adena in the clan's warehouse.

The clan leader who places the highest bid at the end of the auction wins. If a clan is successful in purchasing a clan hall, the clan leader receives a message that they won. Any previous residents that are still in the hall are kicked out.

The bid amounts of the clan leaders who bid unsuccessfully are returned to their clan's warehouses.

Provisional Clan Halls

Goddess of Destruction™ adds a third type of Clan Hall: instanced Provisional Clan Halls. These Provisional Clan Halls allow many Clans who could not otherwise own a Clan Hall the opportunity to experience the community and benefits of owning one. Provisional Clan Halls are auctioned every two weeks, and once won, are owned for four weeks. They then go up for auction again among the Clans that want to bid and that do not already own another type of Clan Hall.

The three styles of Provisional Clan Halls are Orchid Hall, Ellia Hall, and Laurell Hall. To bid on either Orchid Hall or Ellia Hall, a Clan must be level 5 or higher. To bid on Laurell Hall, a Clan must be level 8 or higher.

Clan Hall Maintenance

The clan that owns the clan hall must deposit usage fees in the clan warehouse, collected weekly. If the usage fees are not paid, the clan leader receives a message and is given a grace period of one week. If the usage fees are still not paid after that time, the clan hall is repossessed and put up for auction.

HP and MP can be regenerated within the clan hall for a fee.

A warehouse is available in the clan hall, and teleporters are available in the clan hall for members to travel to the village entrance and square. Teleporting to other areas requires a fee.

Clan Hall Decorations

Players can add a variety of decorations and functions to their clan hall.
Recovery Facilities
Fireplace: HP recovery ability
Carpet: MP recovery ability
Chandelier: When a character dies and returns to the clan hall, a fixed % of experience is recovered
Miscellaneous Equipment
Mirror: Allows teleportation to nearby regions and hunting areas
Interior curtains: Offer a variety of buffs through a Clan Hall manager NPC
Magic Machine: For B-grade and higher houses, item production is available by grade
Decorative Additions
Curtain, Foyer: These are decorations to make the house look more beautiful.

Selling Clan Halls

Clan leaders may put their clan hall up for auction through the Auctioneer. Auction periods can be set for seven days, three days, or one day. Clan leaders can write a simple description of the clan hall they wish to auction and must pay a deposit to put their clan hall up for auction.

The clan leader can cancel the auction during the set time, but the deposit is not returned and they cannot set up another auction for seven days.

When a clan hall does not have an owner, or has not been maintained sufficiently, it will be set up automatically for a seven-day auction period.

If the clan breaks up before the end of an auction period for their clan hall, the auction will continue, but the proceeds and deposit from selling the clan hall cannot be received.

If no one participates in an auction, the clan hall is returned to the owners, but their deposit is not returned.

If a clan successfully sells a clan hall, the clan leader will receive a message. The highest bid, minus taxes, is placed in the selling clan's warehouse, along with the deposit.

Contestable Clan Halls

Certain clan halls are won by a clan's skill in battle or in special mini-games. These clan halls, like auctionable clan halls, can be used for item creation and other functions.


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