QUEST Wondrous Cubic

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QUEST Wondrous Cubic

Post by MewaX on Fri Dec 09, 2011 5:57 pm

Important Quest !!

Wondrous Cubic - You can click only once per day. You can get enchants, LS, Soul Cry, and create t-shirts for crystals.
Wondrous Cubic - get after Quest [A Special Order]

The first way
1. Say with Helvetia.
2. Find the O'Fulle
3. Go to the fishing & Obtain the:
Orange Nimble Fish — 10 items
Orange Ugly Fish — 10 items
Orange Fat Fish — 10 items
4. Give all - O'Fulle
5. Go back to Helvetia END.

The second way possible only when Manor is ON
1. Say with Helvetia.
2. find Warehouse Chief Gesto
3. Use manor & Obtain the:
Golden Cobol — 40 items
Thorn Cobol — 40 items
Great Cobol — 40 items
4. Give all - Chief Gesto
5. Go back to Helvetia END.


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