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Post by Admin on Mon Jan 09, 2012 7:54 pm

Mentoring system for now is not working on Aria server, however it is better to know detail before they will implement it:

Characters level 1 and higher can arrange a Mentoring contract with a character on the same server that is Awakened. The contract-bound characters gain powerful XP-boosting buffs when both Mentor and Mentee are logged in at the same time.

This page explains all about the Mentoring System, but you can also find this information in-game by speaking to a Mentor Guide NPC in any major town.
Powerful Level 85+ Buffs that are better than any other buffs before Awakening!

Both Mentor and Mentee automatically receive a useful buff when both characters are logged in.

Who Can Be a Mentor or a Mentee?

To be eligible to become a Mentor, a character must be Awakened. Mentees are characters who are below level 86 and who have a Mentee Certificate. A Mentee cannot also be a Mentor.

A Mentor can take on a maximum of three Mentees at the same time. A Mentee can only have one Mentor.

Creating a Mentoring Contract

Mentee Instructions: Only an aspiring Mentor can initiate a Mentoring Contract. Characters that are looking to become a Mentee can advertise that they are looking for a Mentor by shouting in a town, asking their clan, or posting on the forums. Once you find an eligible Mentor, have them invite you into the Mentoring Contract. When they invite you, you will see an invitation window. Click Accept to create the contract.

Mentor Instructions: A contract can only be created when both characters are logged in. To create a Mentoring Contract, the aspiring Mentor must do the following:
Open your System Menu, then the Friend Manager, and click on the Mentoring tab.
Click on the + button to add a Mentee.
Enter the name of the eligible Mentee (a character below level 86 that has a Mentee Certificate) into the Character Name box, and click Add to list. This sends a Mentoring invitation to that character.
When that character accepts the invitation, they officially become your Mentee, and you become their Mentor. As you are both logged in, you both immediately receive the beneficial buffs from the Mentoring Contract.

Both Mentor and Mentee are free to cancel the contract at any time. After a contract is canceled, the Mentor is unable to make a contract with a new Mentee for seven days. A Mentee receives no penalty for cancelling a contract; the Mentee can accept a new contract immediately.

Please note that the Mentoring tab of the Friend Manager window is only visible to characters who are eligible to be Mentors, and to Mentees who are in a Mentoring contract.

Mentee Marks

Mentors can help Mentees level up and earn rewards at certain level-range milestones. Specifically, at level 40, then level 50, and then every level after that, Mentors receive a varying amount of Mentee’s Marks in their mailboxes. Mentors can use Mentee’s Marks to buy various items from the Mentor Guide NPC. Available items include but are not limited to:

Hair Accessory Life Stone
Soul Crystal Changing Stones A- through R95-grade
Attribute Changing Crystals S- through R99-grade
Enchant Armor and Enchant Weapon Stones, which improve your odds of successful item enchantment
Super 60 and Super 150 Attribute Stones of all elements
Enchant Weapon and Enchant Armor scrolls of all grades
Superior Giant's Codex
Elixir of Blessing
Mentor's mystery box


A Mentee graduates from the mentoring contract when the character reaches level 86. At that time, the contract is concluded. The recent Mentee is eligible to create a Mentoring contract five days after Awakening. Recent Mentees can exchange their Mentee Certificates for 40 Diplomas by speaking to Mentor Guide NPCs, which can be found in all major towns. Displomas are used to purchase R-grade items from the Mentor Guide NPC.


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Post by Kamal on Mon Jan 09, 2012 8:05 pm

Mentoring system doesn't work on Innova server (source: Fahrenheit)

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Post by Admin on Mon Jan 09, 2012 8:08 pm

yes, but also we have in our clan 2 moderators so last news is that maybe it will be implemented at next maintenance.

the question is: how we gonna get mentee certificates? cause they will have to find solution for that - on ncsoft you get it from path to awakening system 40 lvl box...
here we don't have it so... we will see.. maybe they will give us a quest? or just automatickly it will be spawn in inventory with 2nd class change?

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